Welcome to The Death Collective

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Together, we create the world we want to live into.

The Village is at the intersection of community-care, living intuitively, racial justice & holistic well-being.

On the path of healing and wholeness for our world, we aspire to:

orient towards gratitude & nourishment.
normalize emotional fluctuations,
align with cycles and rhythms of life,
cultivate a relationship with our own inner guidance & attune to embodiment and integration practices.

We honor and celebrate earth-based wisdom rituals & traditions.
We learn evidence-based lifestyle wellness practices to elevate humanity, liberation and awakening for all.

We offer circles, workshops and sessions that align to what is arising in the community and in the world. We won’t stick to one method or subscribe to one model of healing, life- hacks or spirituality because we are all always growing, evolving and changing and that dynamic shifting IS the sign of a healthy community and relationship.

We are a community based on the principles of F.L.O.W.: Feel Your Feelings, Love Your Lifestyle, Own your Story, Wholehearted Living

We are unapologetic about naming the interconnectedness between loving the earth, dismantling white supremacy and dreaming a world of collaborative, expansive leadership in our homes and in our hearts for a brighter future.